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The following solutions are provided by SMS 4 Professionals.

SMS 4 Professionals (Desktop)
The most feature rich SMS software currently available to end users.

Manage appointments, send individual- and group messages, send bulk email, create a client database, invoice customers, track the status of messages, view SMS conversations, create message templates, send SMS from Outlook, ... view some screen shots.

SMS Service Manager

A corporate solution whereby SMS messaging can be integrated with almost any existing solution, provided that you have administrator access to the server and can save your messages either in text files or in a database table.

No programming is required to implement this service.

Alternatively, the service manager also includes a .Net API that can be used in a web- or standalone application.

The Service Manager will install and manage the SMS service on a Windows server, track the status of messages, keep an error log and link your application to the SMS 4 Pro servers for authentication.

It can be used to send automated error notifications, reminder messages, passwords, transaction alerts, reports, support requests, status notifications or any other urgent information that may be required by mobile users.

Read the full product description;
You can also view some screen shots.

SMS 4 Pro Tracking

An affordable tracking system to monitor delivery vehicles, drivers and sales consultants while they're on the move;

What you can do;

  • Create daily travel plans for multiple drivers/reps and monitor their progress in real time as they visit each location.
  • Print out the delivery schedule for each driver together with expected completion times.
  • Drivers report their progress through SMS or a GPRS messaging system.
  • When a driver arrives late or experience problems at any location you are notified immediately and may take corrective steps.
  • The system has built-in intelligence to "memorise" and "predict" trip durations. This feature is helpful when estimating how long it should take a driver to complete a day’s work.

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SMS Autoresponders
A 24/7 SMS reply and response system that sends automated product and other information to prospective clients when they respond to your print advertisements.

It can be used by any business that advertise a product, service as well as recruitment agencies that advertise regularly in print media.

Currently available in South Africa.

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