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SMS 4 Pro Service Manager

The service manager is designed to automate SMS, Email and Network messaging within a corporate environment. It runs invisibly as a Windows service, but can easily be installed and managed through its own user interface.

The service is designed to create messages dynamically after pulling data from a database or the Internet. Messages are sent to one or more users at pre-scheduled times.

For the purpose of this document;

SMS Messages are short text messages sent from a computer to any mobile phone.
Email Messages
are Html formatted messages, including attachments.
Network Messages
are Pop-up alert messages sent from a centralized server to any network computer. It works similar to the 'Net Send' command, but also works in Windows Vista where Net Send is not support anymore!

:: With the Service Manager you can;

  • Generate dynamic reports by running a stored procedure or calling up a web page and then send the result to a cell phone or email at pre-determined intervals.
  • Monitor the performance or uptime of a network-, database- or web server. Low performance or slow response times can be detected on servers even before it becomes a problem.
  • Notify administrators or developers when an error occurs on a website or other IT System for faster support. Problems can be fixed even before users phone in for support.
  • Escalate un-resolved incidents or user requests for urgent resolution.
  • Keep multiple users (groups of people) informed through push technology instead of requiring them to manually query data. It saves time and is very effective in keeping employees up to date on critical data.
  • Send out reminders for meetings, events, etc - no more excuses for late comers and people can be notified within seconds even when they're not close to a workstation.
  • Collect data and update a database by sending information from cell phones to a centralized server. Great for data collection when out in the field and workers do not have immediate access to a network computer.
  • Query a database by sending an SMS with specific keyword to the server and SMS 4 Pro will send back the results by email, SMS or network alert.

    A typical application is where traffic officers send vehicle registration numbers to their head office through SMS and the system sends back a warning when the owner of the vehicle has unpaid traffic fines.

There are numerous ways of customizing the service that are not described in this document.

Screen shots

:: Features

  • Send messages to email, cell phone or networked computers directly from a SQL database.
  • Generate message content dynamically by querying a database, the Internet or text files before the result is sent to end users.
  • Schedule messages for once-off or repeat delivery at various intervals.
  • Execute queries and insert the results in the message before being sent.
  • Download a web page and send the results to end users at scheduled intervals, e.g. it can pull down a website's visitor statistics and push it to your Email, Mobile or Desktop computer (Pop-up screen).
  • Collect data from mobile phones through an SMS interface.
  • CCreate unlimited number of users and groups.
  • The service runs invisibly in the background as a Windows service and has its own interface to manage connections, create groups, schedule messages, etc.

:: Easy to implement

To implement you need to run an installation file, restore a SQL database and configure a few connection settings. Thereafter messages can be sent in multiple ways;

  • Inserting messages directly from your system into a message table.

  • Reference the program's API (Programming Interface) and call a few exposed methods (e.g. AddMessage(), SendMessage()).

  • Drop the message as a text file in a folder where it will automatically be picked up, OR

  • Schedule messages through the user interface for repeat delivery.

We provide a development service to customize the service to the needs of our clients, i.e. providing a turn-key solution that can be integrated to almost any other product.

:: Pre-requisites

  • A computer running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2002, 2003 or later.
  • .Net Framework 1.1
  • SQL Server or SQL Express (Free Version)
  • An Internet connection and email
  • A valid SMS 4 Pro subscription

Screen shots

:: Demo version

We can provide a demo version to legitimate companies interested in using the service. However we need to know who you are (background info about the company), where you envisage using the service and some idea of the scale of implementation, i.e. how many users, departments, etc.

You are welcome to contact us for more information.

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