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SMS 4 PRO Tracking

SMS 4 PRO Tracking is a mobile tracking system that monitors workers while they're on the move.

:: What you can do

  • Create daily travel plans for multiple drivers/consultants and monitor their progress in real time as they visit each location.
  • Print out a delivery schedule for each driver together with expected completion times.
  • Drivers report their progress through SMS or a GPRS messaging system.
  • When a driver arrives late or experience problems at any location you are notified immediately and may take corrective steps.
  • The system has built-in intelligence to "memorise" and "predict" trip durations. This feature is helpful when estimating how long it should take a driver to complete a day’s work.

:: Benefits

  • Save costs, because delivery problems are detected and handled as soon as they occur in the field.
  • Provide better and faster service to customers while distinguishing your business as a leader in delivery services.
  • A higher level of productivity from drivers and consultants on duty.
  • Faster and better communication with drivers via SMS technology.
  • SMS 4 Pro provides the only system that we know of that works with normal cell phones (i.e. No expensive GPS phones required).
  • It also works with GPRS messaging, so you can save large amounts on SMS messages.

Screen: A list of drivers and their current status.

A detailed progress report showing each successful delivery OR feedback when there have been problems with a delivery. Reports are updated in real time and managers may view reports at any time of day to see the status and feedback from each driver.

The messaging engine that receives and processes messages from drivers and representatives in the field; It works 24/7 and has a built-in error detection system to notify support when there are any problems.

We have a live website where clients can post messages to see how it works – USA date/time format is applicable. You can also send updates to the application from your cell phone. If you're interested, please contact us below for more information.

:: Price
Cost for enterprise implementation depends on how the software will be utilized, i.e.

  • Scale of implementation (number of users/drivers)
  • Approximate number of messages sent
  • Integration with legacy systems

Cost includes a once-off installation, monthly subscription and cost per message received.

:: Pre-requisites

  • A computer with Windows XP or Server installed.
  • Permanent Internet connection with fixed IP address
  • An internet connection.
  • Email to receive return messages (2-way messaging required).
  • Driver cell phones must be able to connect to Internet (WAP)

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